Happy Clients

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Greg J.

Knowledge, Expertise, and Attention To Detail

We recently had Mark put in a new patio door. We didn't know what brand, or style would be the best and Mark made choosing easy. His attention to detail on the install was reassuring and he custom wrapped the outside by bending metal that was an exact color match and the door is awesome, inside and out. We owned an older house before this and over 11 years of remodels and changes Mark has always been there, not just windows and doors. His knowledge and skills go way beyond that. We will continue to use Mark and recommend him for all kinds of home related jobs!

Harry O.

Thorough and Right

I have used Mark for many projects. He replaced the doors and windows in our whole house, not to mention all other projects. Despite all the imperfections of an older home, Mark never said.. "That's good enough". When he faced a seemingly impossible obstacle, he took an extra minute and figured out how to make it possible, and more importantly, make it right! He is honest, and will leave you with work that far exceeds others, because the others are not done by Ziegler Window and Door. Thanks Mark for being more than amazing. Look forward to getting you here to start on our care facility.

Deanna D.

Skilled at what he does

Mark replaced all of the windows in our house, as well as doing the metal window wraps. We also had the opportunity to have him perform some other remodel jobs for us. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to replacing windows and doing other remodeling jobs. He completed his work in a timely manner and was willing to work with us on changes that we wanted to the looks of our windows. He also made helpful suggestions regarding our replacement windows. The brand of windows that he works with are really good quality windows. We would highly recommend Mark for putting in new windows and doing metal window wraps.

Richard and Delores C.

Quality and Craftsmanship

We hired Ziegler Door and Windows to replace 4 of our windows and install aluminum cladding on the exterior of the rest of the windows. (NO MORE PAINTING!) We were very satisfied with the results. The quality of material and workmanship were very good. We intend to have door work done in the future, when we can afford it. We plan to have the same company back.

Jerry B.

Job Well Done

Mark put in 6 or so windows in my house one big front window then put aluminum on all windows .. he is a good worker . he cleaned up when done.. every thing looks good - no frosted up windows any more! I'm happy with the job done more important -- my wife also!

Judy K.

High quality work and professional service.

Mark replaced three basement windows, replaced the old trim, and and put in a new side door and screen. The work was done with efficiency and great care. I am proud of the finished product and would gladly recommend Zieglers for any work they contract to do.

Wendy B.

Does great work with older homes

Our home is 120 years old and as any owner of these type of homes know, they have special needs! Mark has installed both windows and a door for us (two separate projects). The windows he installed are now about 15 years old and still look brand new. Because of the texture of the outside of our home, Mark recommended a high grade window for us which matched the outside perfectly as well as the wood grain of the trim of our interior. Mark knew we would be needing windows when we purchased the house and called us when the vendor had an exceptional sale going on, and even though we hadn't planned on window replacement just then, by utilizing the sale we saved a lot of money since we replaced all our windows, about 20 in all.

We often comment that our windows are the warmest part of our walls! Also, we had Mark install a screen door for us. He went the extra mile to make sure it fit tight. Again, due to the age of our house, Mark had to adjust the door frame to fit the screen door because of age and shifting so it wasn't a simple project. This change has resulted in a much warmer entry way and lowered heating bills. If you have a project in mind, don't hesitate to call Mark and get his opinion and input. You can depend on honesty and integrity in dealing with Mark.