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Handling residential and commercial window installation in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Most windows with “residential window” stickers cannot handle solar heat and air pressure anywhere above three stories. If you purchase residential-grade windows, you’re limiting the potential of your home.

If you want strong windows that can endure years of weather, call Ziegler Window & Door of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. We install commercial-strength windows that can be installed on homes and business.

Homes and businesses can benefit from Parco windows

Homes and businesses can benefit from Parco windows

Ziegler Window & Door installs Parco windows exclusively. These heavy-duty windows are perfect for any type of residential or commercial application. Parco windows are made right here in Wisconsin, so they are built to withstand the traditional climate of the state. Parco windows are well-known for their ability to:

  • Block out the cold and heat
  • Filter in plenty of light
  • Block condensation
  • Prevent air leakage

Whether you need new windows for your home or your business, come to Ziegler Window & Door for high-quality windows. Call us today to arrange a time for your residential or commercial window installation service in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.